Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Adoption! My New Family! My New Life! The First Year!

Just about one year ago I was adopted by my human Mom and Dad (Gail & Karl) from the Humane Society in Pasco County Florida. (Picture of me straight from the Humane Society) I'm a good dog, so I'm not sure why my old family left me, but it doesn't matter anymore because now I live the "good life" with Mom & Dad, my canine, older sister Coopie, she's a min-pin (black & tan) and my feline, older brother Kitty Boy, a domestic short hair american cat (black & white). I will be posting my family pictures soon, so please check back and see what a great family I have. I love to go on long walks with Mom, Dad & Coopie, Kitty Boy can't go because he won't walk on a leash (we do have leash laws in Spring Hill Florida). I think that I just may be the luckiest dog in the world to get such a great adoptive family! They take me out on the boat when the weather is nice. I love sitting in the sun but Mom sprays me with sunscreen and I don't care much for the smell or the taste. That is why I like to get in the water it washes off the sunscreen, a little. I am not too fond of swimming and I always wear my life preserver on the boat and in the water, but I do like to ride on the raft if I can get Mom or Dad to pull me around to visit friends, both human and canine (no felines out on the Gulf) . Since we mostly boat in the Gulf of Mexico, I can't drink the water (I tried, way too salty) so I eat ice cubes (doggysicles) to keep me hydrated, and there are usually good treats to be eaten throughout to day. Sometimes, the humans B-B-Q out on the water and then the food is really good. I like it when the humans tie the boats together, then I can travel from boat to boat and not even get my feet wet! And, oh yes, I forgot to mention that I love riding in the car, Mom & Dad wish that we lived on the water in Hernando Beach, so we could go out on the boat more often, but for me the ride to Hernando Beach in the car is almost as much fun as the boat ride. I for one like where we live now! Since I have long hair, when I come in off the boat, I must be groomed, a nice bath, brushing and blow dry, boy do I live a pampered life!