Saturday, August 18, 2007

Help the "Paws Cause"

Click to place a Ribbon for you and your pet.
Show your support for animals in need through the Paws to Save Pets program. When you place a ribbon on the map, Merial will donate* $0.25 (up to a total of $100,000) to fund disaster relief and preparedness to help displaced pets. I placed a ribbon. Why don't you? Visit www.pawsribbonrally. org. *Funds donated by Merial through the Paws to Save Pets program will be divided equally between the Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF).

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm All Shook Up

I am so excited about my Guest Book. All of my pawsome friends have been coming by and signing, thanks to you all. There are doggy visitors, kitty visitors and a visit from my favorite singer, "The King", Elvis Presley. He must have saw the place where I signed his WALL at Graceland. (See my Graceland/Memphis Slide Show ) I look forward to each morning when Mom and I look to see new visitors, so keep leaving you paw prints!! If you have a Guest Book, please let me know so I can come by and sign.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Vacation Begins...

After the drive through Georgia and the Carolinas, we arrived in Roanoke Virginia. For a couple of days, "the dogs" got to go everywhere with Mom and Dad, then came Saturday, the wedding, big party, lots of fun, for humans only!!! No dogs allowed they told me and Coopie. I guess they don't think "the dogs" know how to party and have fun. Well, they are just plain wrong, and we don't think it was fair that we missed all of the fun and don't forget the great food that we missed. They made it up to us on Sunday, well made it mostly up, there were still a few places they didn't let us go to, but we did get to go up in the mountains and run around. There is a log cabin up in the mountains that we always visit when we come to Virginia. Very fun, lots of room to run and a big fish pond, too. At the cabin there are deer and rabbits to chase (not as much fun to play with as Kitty Boy) but a little something to do. As usual, Coopie got in trouble for not coming back when called, I just don't know what her problem is!! We went to a couple of parks on the Blue Ridge Parkway, then we came back home to sleep, we sure were tired. Monday we had a lot of visitors at the house so we didn't go any place. Today it is raining, but Dad said in a little while we will go to Mill Mountain and look out over the city of Roanoke. There is a Big Star that they light up every night on Mill Mountain you can see it from anywhere in the city, there is also a Zoo up on the mountain, but no dogs allowed. Just when I was thinking how much easier it was be to chase the animals if the are fenced in. Mom said they have big animals at the Zoo that can eat small dogs such as myself and Coopie. Just as well that they do not allow dogs!!! Wednesday morning we are leaving for Tennessee, that's Coopie's old stomping ground and she has promised to show me around. More adventures to come... The first pic is at the Roanoke Star at Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke Virginia... The second and third pics were taken at my friend JD's log cabin (I love to go there, lots of woods to play in and a fish pond)

Here are some pictures of the bride and groom at the great wedding that we (my sister Coopie and me) were not allowed to attend and the great wedding cake which we did get a little taste of once Mom and Dad Got back home. Still I hate it that they did not invite "the dogs.

And here I am at a great park in Roanoke, Virginia. There were no human kids at the park that day so Mom let me go on the Slide, at first I didn't get it but after I went down one time, I ran back up to go again. It was just the slide for the very small kids Mom didn't let me go on the big kids slide.