Saturday, June 9, 2007

Having A Brewski With Dad

At Crossroads Bar & Grill...

If it's one thing I really like it's dining al fresco. There is nothing like sitting on the patio of one of my favorite spots enjoying the breeze and the smell of the great 1/2 lb burgers and chicken wings they serve. Where is this great place for both friendly dogs, such as myself and friendly people like my Dad. It is Crossroads Bar & Grill in Brooksville, Florida. If you don't know where it is, just ask anybody in Brooksville and they will gladly give you directions. Dad says their burgers are one of the best around and I certainly have to agree with him. I like mine plain but Dad has his with all the "fixin's". Dad usually has fries, but I save myself for the real thing, burgers, burgers, burgers. If you are in the Brooksville area and want a good burger then Crossroads Bar & Grill is the place. If you are thinking of moving to Brooksville, Florida, probably because you want to try a burger at Crossroads, just contact my Dad. His name is Karl and his phone number is 352-650-6823. His last name is just like mine Hosp, 'cause he's my Dad you know. His email is and he is a realtor with ERA Pearson Realty here in Hernando County Florida. Remember, Brooksville will be a great place to live the weather is beautiful and the Crossroads burgers are the best! Just give Dad a call and tell him you found him on Buddy's Blog, By the way Dad has a very informative website, too, Spring Hill Real Estate , check it out, there lots more about Hernando County including Spring Hill, Hernando Beach, Weeki Wachee, and Brooksville her on the Nature Coast of Florida.

Meet My Brother - Kitty Boy

Kitty Boy is my older brother, even though he is of the feline persuasion, I still love him. He really loves to play with me although he can sometimes play a little too "ruff". Since he still has all of his claws, I have to be carefully to know when he is not in the playing mood and when he is ready to quit playing! He makes a lot of noise with all that "meowing" but for a cat he can't be beat. Kitty Boy is five years old and he also moved to sunny Spring Hill, Florida from Memphis, Tennessee. Kitty Boy was born in September 2001, Dad was installing a flag pole for some patriotic Memphians and they had a litter of kittens and Kitty Boy just caught his eye as he was hiding in his toolbox and he said he couldn't leave without the playful little kitten. Mom wanted to name him Cisco, but he just never would pay attention to her unless she call him Kitty Boy. He always comes running when she calls, while I on the hand like to keep her waiting, makes her appreciate me more? Maybe not, but she always comes looking for me if I don't answer the call. Am I "bad"? Well,

back to Kitty Boy, yes he is a "Tom Cat", he really likes to go outside but Mom doesn't let him (she says too many diseases and fleas), but sometimes if the humans don't close the door and latch it Kitty Boy makes a break for it and runs for cover under the car. That's when I come into the picture, it is my job to go under the car and chase him back in the house. Yes, that's my job and I love to help out if needed. Kitty Boy just needs to understand that it's a tough world for cats out there in the big unknown! Having no experience with the outdoors, he just needs to learn to keep his furry self inside where it is safe. By the way did I tell you he is really just a "walking hairball", he actually sheds in hairballs according to Mom and I think I have seen some of these hairballs fall off of him. Got to go, Kitty Boy wants to play "chase the dog"!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Meet My Sister - Coopie

Coopie is a miniture pincher that Mom and Dad found in the front yard of their home in Memphis, Tennessee. Poor little Coopie had been hit by a car, a very big deal when you only weigh about 5lbs. Mom and Dad nursed her back to health and posted her description with animal control, all the vets in the area, the Humane Society and every place else they could think of including handing out flyers. After all of that they did not receive even one call about the little dog. All of that was back before the turn of the century, you know, way back in 1999. Coopie moved here from Tennessee back in January 2005 and she loves her new life in sunny Spring Hill, Florida. Mom and Dad think Coopie might have been a breeder dog as she seems to have had several litters of puppies and had recently had puppies when she was found back in 1999. The vet told Mom and Dad that Coopie was about 4 years old when they found her, how about that same age as I am now. So you see she is my big sister! Mom told me that in 2003 Coopie almost died because she ate something that was not good for her and it damaged her liver. Thank goodness, the vet was able to save her or I wouldn't have a big sister today. Coopie is very afraid of thunder and I think she has panic attacks during the storms. All she wants to do is whine and shake and sit on Mom or Dad's lap. I think she is kind of a whimp, I'm not afraid of a little old thunder, but I still feel sorry for her. Anyway she sure does provide me with a lot of company when Mom and Dad have to leave us at home alone. Coopie does not like to go riding in the car like I do and she does not like boating, I think she must be pretty bored but she seem happy, so what do I know.